I offer both traditional and unbundled representation. I offer free initial consultations in person or by phone, and I recommend that all clients start with a free consultation. During the consultation I can help you determine which type of representation would be best for you, or whether you should consider a different option entirely. Information about all services can be found below.

Initial Consultations:

  • Same or next day consultations by telephone are often available. In person consultations are available by appointment.
  • Evening and weekend appointments can be arranged if needed.
  • There is no charge for an initial 30 minute consultation.
  • I will need your full name and the full name of the other party before discussing your case with you. This is to ensure that I do not have a conflict of interest (such as previously representing the other party).
  • I am not able to review documents during a free consultation. However, unbundled legal services are available if you would like an attorney to review documents for you.
  • All information shared during consultations is protected by attorney-client privilege and is strictly confidential, even if you do not hire me for additional services.

Traditional Representation

  • The most common type of legal service
  • Traditional representation usually means an attorney enters an appearance with the court and represents you with regard to every issue on a case until the attorney withdraws from the case
  • The attorney prepares all documents for you, handles almost all communication with the courts or other party, and attends all hearings and formal meetings with you.
  • My rate for traditional representation is $245 per hour.
  • A retainer payment must be paid up front. A retainer payment is like a deposit. Retainers vary by case but typically range between $2,500 and $5,000 depending on the type of case. A retainer is neither a minimum nor a maximum cost for services. I send invoices monthly stating what work has been done on your case and what I have billed. If there is money left over in your retainer at the end of a case, it will be returned to you. If the retainer is used up prior to the end of your case, you will be required to make a replenishment payment. I am happy to discuss any questions you have about my billing practices at any time.

Premarital and Marital Agreements

  • Representation for premarital agreements (commonly referred to as "prenups") and marital agreements (similar to a prenup and available to couples who are already married) are offered at my regular hourly rate of $245.00 per hour. Retainer amounts vary depending on the complexity of your situation.
  • Representation for these types of agreements includes drafting or reviewing the agreement, assistance in preparing financial disclosures to comply with Colorado law, legal advice regarding the fairness and enforceability of the agreement, and representation in negotiating terms with the other party's attorney.

Unbundled Services

  • Unbundled services are offered for divorces, custody/parental responsibilities cases, and certain other civil court matters.
  • Unbundled services means having an attorney review or prepare legal documents, or provide legal advice, without having them fully represent you in a traditional capacity.
  • This may be a good choice for the following:
    • People who feel comfortable representing themselves but want to have an attorney to speak with if questions arise
    • People who feel comfortable representing themselves but want an attorney to assist with case strategy
    • Cases that are relatively simple or uncontested
    • Those who merely want an attorney to prepare or review documents (such as divorce petitions or separation agreements)
  • Unbundled representation can also include limited representation for a single hearing or mediation.
  • Unbundled representation is not recommended for complex or highly contested cases
  • My rate for unbundled services is $150 per hour. Flat fees may be available for certain services on a case-by-case basis. A retainer payment may or may not be required depending on the type of service needed.
  • Please note that I do not offer unbundled representation for premarital (prenuptial) and marital agreements.