Initial Consultations:

  • Same or next day consultations by telephone are often available. In person consultations are available by appointment. Visit the contact page to schedule now.
  • All consultations are confidential and covered by attorney-client privilege even if you do not retain Jenkins Law LLC for further representation.
  • Free consultation: Free consultations are available and are a great opportunity for you to determine which options might be available in your case, and whether unbundled legal services are right for you. There is no charge for an initial 30 minute consultation. Please note that I am not able to review documents or provide specific advice during a free consultation. A more in depth paid consultation is available if desired. 
  • Paid Consultation: Paid consultations are available at a rate of $150 per hour. During a paid consultation, I am happy to review case documents or give you more specific advice about your case. Payment and a signed agreement are required at the beginning of the consultation.

Unbundled Services/Legal Advice/Document Review and Preparation 

  • The concept of "unbundled" legal services is unfamiliar to many people. I like to describe these services as having a "behind the scenes" attorney. If you retain an attorney for unbundled services it means that the lawyer is available to help you prepare documents, answer questions you might have, and provide you with legal advice. However, you still represent yourself and the lawyer does not negotiate with the other party on your behalf or attend court hearings with you.
  • Unbundled services are usually significantly cheaper than traditional representation. This means you can get advice from an experienced attorney at a fraction of the cost of traditional services.
  • Having an experienced attorney help prepare for court hearings, prepare complicated financial documents, and review settlement agreements can be an invaluable resource for the self-represented litigant.
  • Jenkins Law LLC offers unbundled services for $150 per hour (billed in six minute increments). For one time issues (such as if you would just like me to review a document) this fee can be paid at the time of the service). For more involved matters (if you would like me to draft documents for you or provide advice throughout a case) a retainer is required. Retainers range from $300 to $2,000 depending on your case. I am happy to discuss any questions about pricing as part of your free consultation.

Estate Planning Services

  • Jenkins Law LLC offers certain estate planning services such as simple wills, power of attorney documents, advance directives, and prenuptial and marital agreements.
  • These services are offered at an hourly rate of $150 per hour. In many cases flat fees are also available for these services.

Traditional Representation

  • Jenkins Law LLC is not currently accepting additional clients for full or traditional representation. I happy to provide you with a referral for these services if needed.


Please note that a signed retainer agreement and payment are required before I am able to provide you with any services. Nothing on this website nor any communication establishes an attorney-client relationship in the absence of a retainer agreement.